featuring Ernest Green of Little Rock Nine

What can a black history hero teach you about shaping your own future? In, RISK: Black History Lessons for Today's Career, Little Rock Nine alumnus Ernest Green shares his experiences in school integration and building a career amidst changing times. During this hour-long audio program, learn: how to take the “RISK” to a bright future through
R: Relationships; I: Individual Assessment; S: Skills and K: Kindness.

Civil rights activists and Americans dedicated to justice helped open the doors to a better education for Ernest Green. Green was part of a group known as the “Little Rock Nine.” These nine students were the first to integrate Little Rock Central High School in 1957, after President Eisenhower ordered the students be escorted into school by the U.S. Army.

Green was the first of the Little Rock Nine to graduate. He then went on to college, graduate school and served as an Assistant Labor Secretary in the Carter Administration. Today, Green works as an investment banker. He also travels the country talking about his black history experiences.

In this program, hear stories about Green’s academic and career experiences and learn how you can apply these lessons to your own life!

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