By Devin Beasley

A mischievous sheep, an inquisitive child, and too much candy for one story to handle set the precedent for an epic journey into the world of math. On a day just like any other, Sam Oodle discovers that he has lost the ability to calculate the simplest math equations. Fear takes over him when he realizes that math is part of our everyday lives.

Trying to fall asleep one night, Sam encounters the strangest of friends, who promises to help Sam regain his ability to do math in return for a unique favor. In this exciting adventure, kids will gain math confidence as they use math concepts including time, fractions, distance, multiplication, probability, division and counting money throughout the story. It is a friendly introduction for kids who may be intimidated by math and an entertaining story for all. A Sheep-TASTIC Adventure is a thrilling learning experience through the eyes of a child. The story is a fun and eye-opening adventure into the world of math that will keep you laughing, enthralled and computing until the end.