By Dr. Lisa Ramírez

This beautiful book offers an autobiographical account of extreme resiliency, as Dr. Lisa Ramirez recounts her early childhood experiences facing brutal instances of neglect and abuse at the hands of those that should have offered love, comfort and protection. She recounts her own failed attempts at pursuing a basic education, while lacking the bare necessities of a home, food, and positive relationships—all requisites for survival and thriving in an educational setting.

As you read her narrative, you will come to understand why hers is, indeed, a beautiful story. You will gain a deeper understanding of resiliency, and the major difference that educators (and all of us as human beings, for that matter) can make in the lives of children, even through (seemingly) insignificant actions.

You will learn that Dr. Ramirez does not disclose her life’s story, simply to titillate the reader, attract attention nor expose perpetrators. Rather, her motivation is one of compassion, as she attempts to illustrate for others (young and old) who might be mired in dismal situations, how life can be dulcified through God’s mercy, the compassion of others, and a competent education.

Through her book she compels innocent victims in similar circumstances to look for that ray of light under the door that will offer hope and sufficient strength to stand up and move forward.

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