By Tanya Hutchins

With a Foreword by Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien (Decathlon), Born Beautiful Biracial is a compilation of children’s essays with advice for kids who are asked questions about their racial and ethnic backgrounds: “What are you? Are those your parents? Are you adopted?”

This book serves as an inspiration for biracial children and teenagers. Everyone is unique. We all have different faces, hair, eyes, noses, mouths and skin colors. Not all of our parents look alike. Many have one parent who is black and another who is white.

Others have one parent who is Asian and another who is black or white. Regardless of how we look, we live in a multicultural, multiracial world, a world where many consider Barack Obama the first black President of the United States. Barack Obama is biracial. His mother was white and his father was black. Maybe, one of the children who reads this book may even grow up to be President one day. Hopefully, by then, it won’t be such a big deal, because everyone will accept each other unconditionally.