Christie J. Jones, M.Ed. - ARE WE HOME YET?
Shipping starts January 18, 2015


By Christie J. Jones, M.Ed.

“Are we home yet?” is a question many children ask on long journeys. But what if this “journey” involved homelessness? Meet Max, a little boy, who does not look forward to going home. He wants to stay at school because he has his own space! How is he like other little boys? How is he different? How do his troubles make him feel? Where does his journey lead? Read this children’s book and find out!

Children who are homeless don't advertise their plight. They cover it up, often leaving teachers and counselors wondering why such a good student isn't keeping up in class. In Are We Home Yet?, readers go inside of a homeless child's life to learn about his thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns. But the book does more than share details about a child's difficult journey. It also shows the reader how, despite one's tough circumstances, he or she can learn to cope in healthy ways.