TP Rewards, LLC is a mainline publishing agency. We are not a self-publishing company. We are selective in the titles we choose and we work closely with our authors to publish, promote and sell their TP Rewards books. If we cannot offer writers a TP Rewards agreement, we will, in many cases, work with the writer to help them self-publish their book through another company. As such, TP Rewards offers all three models of publishing: traditional, subsidy and self-publishing.

TP Rewards, LLC publishes culturally sensitive books and materials that educate and inspire communities. We are a publishing agency dedicated to enhancing the lives of writers and communities. Our books and materials encourage personal development as well as a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, our communities, and the greater world.

God gives each of His children special gifts and abilities. TP Rewards, LLC honors these special gifts by focusing our services on authors and providing you with a worthy royalty rate. We work closely with authors to help them deliver their messages. TP Rewards offers book-coaching services to those needing an extra boost to finish their book. We work with authors at all stages of the writing process to make their book marketable.

Meet the Team

Tenickia Polk

Tenickia Polk is the founder of both TP Rewards, LLC as well as the TP Rewards Community Enrichment Academy through TP Rewards Publishing, Inc., a non-profit. Tenickia is also the author of the books Cozmo, Computer Parts Fun, DIG Into Life: A Decision-Making Guide, RISK: Black History Lessons for Today’s Careers, DC Career and The PR Connection: How to Get Publicity for Your Book.

An innovative leader in creating educational programs, Tenickia’s passion for empowering people began with her own setbacks. Born into a disadvantaged community, she was suspended in grade school for repeatedly being “off-task.” But, with the encouragement of the gospel, mentors, programs and books, Tenickia was inspired to turn her life around.

Tenickia earned a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Criminology/Pre-Law with a minor in Pan-African studies. She also earned her business certificate in Event Management from George Washington University. Her vast experience working in education, government, consulting, and publishing has earned her many awards including “Teacher of the Year” (Calvary Christian Academy, 2009) and the “ACSI National Exemplary School Program Award,” 2008 – 2009.

Tenickia is a publisher of educational and inspiration books and materials. Tenickia is currently pursuing a Certificate of Ministry at Calvary Bible Institute. She is also the author of several educational programs and books.

Dr. Barbara Reynolds
Book Coach

Dr. Reynolds is a well-known journalist/writer with over 30 years of experience contributing for publications ranging from The Washington Post, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, Essence Magazine and the National Newspaper Publishers Association. She was a fellow at Harvard University and is former professor at Howard University's School of Communications.

She's received numerous awards and accolades including the Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Justice Award, Leadership Washington; and the History Makers Award for Outstanding Leadership. She is also a 6-time book author who continues to catch her second wind in writing the upcoming memoir of her friend, Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

Dr. Reynolds works with TP Rewards Publishing to coach authors and edit their books.

Devika Koppikar
Vice President of Communications

Devika Koppikar is the Vice President of Communications for TP Rewards. Her goal for you, the client, is to contour your message through the written and spoken word. Devika has more than 18 years of experience in writing, communications and public relations. This includes work as a press secretary to U.S. Reps. Elijah E. Cummings and Sheila Jackson Lee. She has also written for the Houston Chronicle, MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital, and Asian Fortune News. Currently, Devika teaches writing and speech communications at Washington-area community colleges. Additionally, she has more than six years of experience managing public relations for elected officials, business owners and community leaders. With a background in both teaching and media relations, she provides media training for clients who might have an upcoming media interview or public speech presentation. Devika holds a master’s in Broadcast Journalism from American University.

Emily Hassan
Managing Editor

Emily Hassan earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University and her Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership and Management from Liberty University. She was a Writer as well as Feature’s Editor for the Wright State University’s newspaper, the Guardian.

Emily was a Freelance Writer for the Dayton City Paper in her hometown. She was promoted to Co-Editor –in Chief where she wrote, edited, and produced the newspaper.

Marissa Beale
Author Liaison and Project Editor

Marissa started at TP Rewards, as an intern, shortly after graduating college. After her internship she worked for a local book publisher handling marketing and author services as well as manuscript crafting, editing and summarizing.

Her professional experience further includes work at the Voice of America and the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C. At these places she had a chance to draft and edit messages for the public. Armed with a writing and research background, Marissa's goal is to make stories both lucid and compelling.

She writes for The Connection Newspapers and has also been published in USA Today College. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the College of William and Mary.

Linda Jones
Program Director

Linda P. Elliott-Wilson retired from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after 38 years as a Supervisory Management–Program Analyst.

She currently serves as an ordained Deacon at the Harvest Assembly Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. She also serves as the Director of the Jr. Ladies’ Ministry for girls ages 8-18 and the Director of the Tutorial Program grades K-12 under the HABC Academic Program.

Linda is a volunteer for the Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church’s food distribution program. She enjoys working with youth and volunteering for various church and community activities.

Linda resides in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Howard and has one son Jamaal, daughter-in law Amelia and two beautiful grandchildren, Amaiya and Darrien.

Constance Annan
Media Intern

Constance aspires to one day host a TV Talk Show focused on encouraging girls (especially girls of color) to have self-confidence. She wants to be part of the reason girls wake up motivated to pursue their goals. Constance explains, "confidence, wasn't something I always had, but with watching great women like Oprah and Tyra Banks on TV, l realized that I too could succeed as a woman of color.”