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TP Rewards, LLC is a mainline publishing agency. We are not a self-publishing company. We are selective in the titles we choose and we work closely with our authors to publish, promote and sell their TP Rewards books. If we cannot offer writers a TP Rewards agreement, we will, in many cases, work with the writer to help them self-publish their book through another company. As such, TP Rewards offers all three models of publishing: traditional, subsidy and self-publishing.

TP Rewards, LLC publishes culturally sensitive books and materials that educate and inspire communities. We are a publishing agency dedicated to enhancing the lives of writers and communities. Our books and materials encourage personal development as well as a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, our communities, and the greater world.

God gives each of His children special gifts and abilities. TP Rewards, LLC honors these special gifts by focusing our services on authors and providing you with a worthy royalty rate. We work closely with authors to help them deliver their messages. TP Rewards offers book-coaching services to those needing an extra boost to finish their book. We work with authors at all stages of the writing process to make their book marketable.

Tenickia Polk has created a concise, yet comprehensive guide for people who are hoping to build a career in Washington, DC. This book details the benefits of taking risks, building strong relationships, and trusting your instincts. Tenickia’s candid accounts of the ups and downs of her journey working in our nation’s capital will inspire those who seek guidance and direction for obtaining a job that will lead to a fulfilling career.

~Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD)

Tenickia was able to help me with any questions about publishing. I believe my publisher has integrity. When I recommend her to someone else, I know that they are going to be in good hands.

~Dr. Lisa Ramirez, Latino Literacy Award Winner

It was a tremendous walk with taking my words and story and putting it into a book format. She was patient enough to work on my schedule. Having a person that not only has a Christian connection, but also has a belief to move a product and to share a person’s story is tremendous. Don’t keep carrying your story around with you as I did for about 10 years. Talk with Tenickia, she’ll set you up with one of her agents, she’ll work out a timeline, she’ll give you an affordable plan and your manuscript can be in a book format. Join the club and be part of TP Rewards.

~Author Daryl Mackey